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In divorce cases, we work with both parents to make sure the charges for our services are sent to the proper parent/address. Payment for services is the responsibility of the parent bringing the child in for care. For the sake of the children, it is best if both parents can develop an agreeable method to provide payment for medical services rendered.

Medicare/ Medicaid

We submit only primary insurance claims. It is your responsibility to submit secondary/supplemental insurance claims. Usually, sending a copy of the Medicare’s Explanation of Benefits is all that is required. You must present your Medicaid card each time you visit our office for services.

Motor Vehicle Accidents/Civil Lawsuits

You are responsible for all charges even though another party may be liable for payment of your bills. It is critical that you notify the other party of the specific dates of service for which they are responsible. It is also your responsibility to inform us that we are not to bill your regular health care provider. 

We will file your worker’s compensation claim when we have the following information:

  • Workers’ Compensation claim number

  • Completed Employee’s Report of Incident or Injury form

  • Name of your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier

Workers’ Compensation Claims