Immunization Recommendations 0-18 YRS

Immunization recommendations have changed in the last one to two years with as many as four new shots recommended for teenage girls (HPV, Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Tetanus with Whooping Cough), and four new shots recommended for teen boys (HPV, Hepatitis A, Meningitis, Tetanus with Whooping Cough). Any child of any school age that has not yet had the Chickenpox vaccine or natural disease is also strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

Those entering kindergarten are also in need of an immunization review. Any child that takes any medication (including Tylenol or Ibuprofen) must have an order from a healthcare provider for the medication to be given at school. Children with asthma or severe allergies, including food allergies, must also have a signed emergency plan on file with the school. A quick trip now to your provider can eliminate headaches (in more ways than one) later for you and your child.